Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Laughs and Changes!

Wednesday! The small Friday as one Nicaraguan described the day.. I get an email from Mom. My beloved 8 year old nephew Chisomo(meaning grace) has been reading Psalms and praying again. He prayed for my safety and his also during the night. He asked God to protect him from creatures that disturb his sleep like, rats, lions and mosquitoes! He made my day..I pray for Him that his knowledge of God will grow.

I slept like a log last night due to fatigue and a cough medication which makes one drowsy..a cold and cough seemed imminent yesterday. I woke at half past seven thinking it was half past six..because of the fog and darkness I guess.

There are factions developing in our class and it aint the same good working unit we had in the early days. People do not want to share books and other resources. WWJD? Love us all despite our meanness and superiority complexes. 'This little light of mine, Im gonna let it shine' somebody sang-- I read scripture about putting the lamp on a stand this morning and the song that came to my mind as I walked to class was, 'Go Light Your World..carry your candle, into the darkness..' Cathy Troccoli and Steve Rice versions.

This morning Staffan Larsson of Linköping University lectured on Qualitative was hard going for me with terminologies like hermeneutics, phenomenologists!!

We continue with building websites using Dreaweaver software this afternoon with Henric Noren. I look forward to the praise and worship at the Bible Study at the Willett's home tonight. Kevin is leading it. I have heard this Canadian is a great guitarist! Funny I don't know his last name or email address. Cameron Willett lent me his guitar for my whole stay in Sweden. He lived in Africa (Zambia) for 12 years and once visited Malawi. God is indeed good.


At 6 October 2004 at 13:02:00 CEST, Blogger David said...

Don't fret little grasshopper. Factions will be crushed and uprisings defeated with a mere quip of your sly humor. Keep up the laughs.

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