Monday, July 31, 2006


It was my birthday yesterday. It was a great day. I received two congratulatory sms around midnight as the day turned from 29th to 30th. Emails, sms, phone calls, cards and various gifts flowed in. I felt so loved and appreciated, especially by my Mom, close relatives and friends like Michaella. She chatted me up in the afternoon and was so sweet in word and action.

Malawi Polytechnic reopened today, so it's back to school with the students. I saw a few of them and they looked refreshed. Time flies. Soon the academic calender will be over and the good times will be over.

I have passed through really rough storms in the past few weeks, some drawing tears from my eyes. But in all I thank God because I have emerged much stronger and wiser. Once the Commission God gave me is over at my present position I will move on.


At 1 September 2006 at 13:52:00 CEST, Blogger rami said...

happy birthday joe, and its a nice blog you have.. nice to see african journalists turning to blogs..

wish you all the best from another Global Journalist..

At 11 September 2006 at 09:32:00 CEST, Blogger Victor Kaonga said...

It is great to see you grow well in all areas. God´ wishes in the times ahead


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