Saturday, October 09, 2004

Language hitches and shopping!

What do you have when you don't understand Swedish and you are in a shop with an assistant who has limited knowledge of English, yet you have an eye for bargains? A comedy I can assure you.
Today I went to Prix, a shop known for its cheap goods at Österplan on the road to Örebro centrum (city centre). I spied potato chips whose price tags seemed to say you can have three for 20 crowns! Mind you the bags were huge. Sensing a kill, I asked a passing shop assistant who assured me my interpretation of the Swedish tag was correct! I always keep receipts and study the billing later. I jumped a few inches skywards or did something close to it showing consternation, as I realised I had been charged 66 crowns for the chips! After siesta I made my way to the shop to demand a refund. To cut the yarn short, it transpired there had been a misunderstanding between me and the shop worker. The price tag said you could have 20 crowns back if you post to the makers of the chips a sort of code on the bags. Ha! Tomorrow I'm going back to return all the three bags and buy pasta perhaps--the favourite student food.

Yesterday evening was kinda funny. My morale sagged abit. I couldn't get through people I wanted to call.
And a fellow Christian said I could be labelled a 'boring' and 'extremist' Christian because I refuse to go to night clubs to dance. Bah! Also because I objected to the use of a word starting with S and ending with T which in my opinion is obscene. Well, well well..oh dear... It so sweet to trust in Jesus that He accepts me and you in our imperfections! In Him we live, move and have our being..identity too.

Problem for them is I can't start doing things I never do in Malawi. Many times I think Christianity means taking a long and lonely earthly road....what do you say?


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