Thursday, October 05, 2006


The summer heat is hitting us hard in Malawi. Some areas are recording 42 degrees celsius already. By three oćlock one feels like knocking off, and going to sleep. Feels like beingbaked alive, sweat triclikng down the whole body and making you look like you didnt wash.
The situation is a bit tricky with the current water woes in the city of Blantyre. In my township we have had to go three straight days without the vital resource. This week, the waterflow has improved alot and we hope for better days.
One wonders whatś up with the rainy season they claim that trash is blocking the pipes or dams, in dry season they attribute power and water cuts to drying up of reservoirs. Then they engage in shifting blame! The water company says power cuts lead to interruption of water supply, and in turn the electricity establishment blame its reduction in power supply to inadequate water at hydro-electric plants! For how long I wonder.
Then my work place is really reeling from financial problems. It is stressing to work with a prepaid telephone line for interviews and internet, considering the nature of our work. How can you limit telecoomunications facilities in a national broadcaster???


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At 6 October 2006 at 16:46:00 CEST, Blogger Victor Kaonga said...

Heat, water and TELECOMMUNICATION PROBLEMS! I understand the frustration with the national broadcaster especially. May be it needs to be privatised also! Prepaid and dial up telephone lines can be tough. Just to be remind however that God is good in all this.


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