Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Mothers' Day

Malawians were marking Mothers' Day yesterday, to appreciate the role mothers play in bringing up children and nurturing the family in general. I was at my home..I mean where my roots are in Chilomoni, a small township in Blantyre. My granny danced a few steps to express happiness that I was there...I havent visited the place for three months! It was good to chat and see Mom and the rest of the folks, and of course give them gifts. Surprise surprise, Mom had gifts too for us children, saying she doesn't take her children and their presence for granted. That was awesome!
Many have commented that mothers seem more important than fathers, and when a child loses a mother, it is like the child is an orphan.
The semester is drawing to a close at Polytechnic. I have finished teaching the fisrt and second year students, english literature. It has been fun. I will miss the students.


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