Friday, October 22, 2004

Malawi Media and All That Jazz

My day to present the media situation in Malawi arrived yesterday! My class of 22 folks from all corners of the world is taking turns to let the others know the facts and figures as well as opinions about the media in their home countries. I came up with a power-point production and a tape of a newscast from Malawi Broadcasting Corporation. I was quite nervous, but assurances that my Mom and other people back home were praying for the 'shy-guy' encouraged me.
The first minutes were abit hazy as I stuttered and ahm..mmhh---uhhh. Thank God I got into rhythm before long and I was enjoying the questions, interjections, comments from the audience! It was a blessing at the end, to have quite a number of people including my dear course coordinator, Maria Ljunggren, commend the presentation.

I returned to the pub last night after a long break! Hey, it wasn't to partake of that which biteth like a viper and stingeth like a cobra. I went to K5 Pub to listen to my new friend Martin Hallman and his jazz outfit, the Tembo Swing. These chaps visited Örebro university some weeks ago and I was impressed with their skills, young though they are! 'If you want to be great, rub shoulders with the great' is one of my principles.
Martin is a missionary kid and his parents spent some years in Tanzania, which is Malawi's neighbour! Martin speaks Swahili, a common language in East Africa. Tembo Swing were the curtain-raisers and a trio of quite elderly men, (who were later joined by an equally elderly woman) was the main attraction. Both groups played well and were cheered by the crowd, but the younger guys received a more standing ovation.

The sun reappeared today in Örebro after a week-long absence. But it was a hide and seek affair as sunlight and rain chased each other during the day.


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