Saturday, October 30, 2004


What a week this has been. I phoned home four home this week which is a record. My state of mind has been like a yo-yo for one reason or the other. Our study schedule has changed and we finish classes on 10 December...but my plane ticket says I leave on the 19th!!! I tried to have my departure date shifted back by a week only to be shocked by KLM asking one thousand Swedish crowns for that! I protested to the travel agent Kilroy..I will know the final outcome on Monday. Most likely I will sit out the nine days, counting snowflakes as they fall, and dreaming dreams of home!

My work place is delaying to release our pay and this may affect my 'children' who I left in the house. But blessed be the Lord who feeds even the sparrow--He will provide for the 'kids' I'm certain.
Then my Finnish classmate Mervi Itkonen showed us her Mom and Dad yesterday...they are visiting relatives in Sweden. It was a happy occasion, but after they were gone, it triggered in me homesickness and a reminder that I have only a single parent.
Today I'm mourning the passing of a young man in my home village at Likhubula in Blantyre. Ludoviko was a lively fellow and always made sure he greeted you even if you were unaware he was in the vicinity. He is no more. His young life taken by the wheels of a minibus that ran over him a few days ago. Ludoviko never came round after he fell unconscious to say 'bye'. It pained me so much when I received the news.

On the upside, the Bible study on Wednesday was really good, and our Canadian friend Mark Rydeout again made an important statement: That single sin or stronghold that remains in our lives could be the only barrier preventing us from being effective as ministers of the Gospel and fully enjoying God's blessings. We were studying how the Israelites turned away from God during Joshua's reign even though He was faithful to them.

I managed to secure packaging box for the TV which my Swedish-American hostel mate Ryan gave me, and a car to deliver me to the train station as I leave for Malawi.
I'm blessed because Lillian my friend in England found a new job today after being fired on Monday..the Lord is so faithful.

Tonight we are having an international night at Brickebergkyrkan..Scots will wear their kilts, Indonesians their robes, Malawians..their mwinjiro yokoma, and there will be food from all corners of the world, and I guess music. Make way for me to the food table please!!!

Next week we travel to Finland for a week-long study tour. Örebro continues to be extra cold.


At 30 October 2004 at 23:36:00 CEST, Blogger Elin said...

Yes that is me in the picture from the Swiss night and I don't think I had gained any weight - that was only like a week or so after we got here. It's probably just the picture.

And yeah, I don't believe in zodiak signs either. I agree with you on that one.

So you're going back home on the 19th Dec... when are you coming back?

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