Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Snow Chaos, Migration...

On Sunday I was very amazed with the hype surrounding a forecast snowfall here in the UK. Having been in a few Scandinavian countries, I found it strange to watch how much the anticipated weather dominated the media. Come Monday, I was even flabbergasted to learn that the snow had come and caused something like a debacle in London, a very busy city. It virtually came to a standstill as planes, overground and underground trains plus buses were grounded. It was so unprecedented to me because in Nordic countries snow is akin to everyday business and nothing stops. I'm told over a billion dollars were lost in business in the UK and some six million people did not report for work. Something must be done to make the infrastructure especially in southern England cope with adverse weather.
On another note I heard that a Malawian guy I know was deported over the weekend from Britain apparently because he broke some work regulations as stipulated by a UK student visa. It pained me to learn that the man was given no time to wind up business or at least to go home and take with him some valuables. (I'm told that's the standard practice).
I pray that the UK government revisits such measures I think are draconian. It is my opinion that in Malawi we treat foreigners more kindly even when they are fit for deportation. The same applies to allowing in foreigners. At the airports in Britain, it sometimes resembles some form of interrogation regardless of the fact that one has a valid visa. I'm yet to witness such a scenario in Malawi! Malawi may have its weaknesses but I believe it is still 'The Warm Heart of Africa'.
My time in the UK is almost over and I head back to the books in Sweden.


At 3 March 2009 at 19:01:00 CET, Blogger acacia said...

i'm happy to report that malawian immigration can be pretty tough on foreigners too.


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