Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Home again...

Thanks be to God for I safely made it back home in Malawi on the 27th of November. I found that a close relative (granny's brother) had died as I left Norway on 25th November, but the family had elected not to tell me until I reached my house, washed, eaten and rested. I appreciated the gesture. Otherwise the trip was great, save for one moment when the plane seemed to be crashing 30 minutes after take-off in Tromso, Norway. There was sudden loss of height and violent shaking...I was really scared!
In the UK I felt good to hear the British accents again, experience the warmer weather and see my friends in Reading.
It is wonderful to be back at my church and be with friends and relatives.

Sometimes it is like I'm dreaming because of the great distance I travelled and I had given up that I would be home for Christmas this year.
With the Christmas season around, we have had fun at church including games and special presentations by families.
The rains are falling heavily and the maize crop is flourishing.

What fun to eat mangoes, munch ngumbi (flying ants)drink thobwa (local soft drink) and listen to the crows and other birds at 4.30am as day breaks!!
Sadly though some friends seem to have moved on in my absence; it is abit hard to chat like before and sometimes I feel isolated. Also there have been terrible stuff involving some people I know very well and all I can say is "Lord, God, have mercy".
I wish you a merry Christmas and a blessed 2009.


At 16 December 2008 at 20:22:00 CET, Blogger Moderator said...

hiya joe! sooo sad that you feel isolated. i have heard this several times from the diaspora who dare heard back home. you suddenly find yourself in your own world which is impossible to share with old friends. past familiar behaviors looks weird to you. of course the good news is that after some time the systems swallows you up and you become part of the gang! better you than us who are yet to embark on this challenging journey. may your integration be quicker!


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