Tuesday, May 05, 2009

What kind of people are Malawians?

Recently two friends from home commented on the psyche of a Malawian. One, a woman, thought her fellow Malawians gossip a lot and that the men are more likely to 'chase' any lady they see. The other, a man, had more happy views about his compatriots saying Malawi are extroverted, articulate and happy. But, a Swedish journalism trainer once commented that in his experiences he found Malawians a bit coy in a multinational setting.
Three years ago, I attended an international broadcasting meeting in South Africa and I was amazed at the Malawian head of delegation's quietness during discussions. I recalled then the remarks of the Swedish tutor! Are Malawians really reserved? If true could that be a legacy of the authoritarianism of first president Kamuzu Banda with his demand for "loyalty, unity, obedience and discipline". Did that land a telling blow on the national psyche?? Maybe this is an area for research.

On another note, I handed in the first draft of my dissertation yesterday and I will have a review meeting on Friday with my supervisor. So I can breathe again till that day!! WOW! The challenge though is to adjust the body clock otherwise it is hard to sleep at 12, 1am...but somewhere around 2 and 3 o'clock in the morning! I'm also enjoying more music lessons for I want to get better this year on the guitar.


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