Friday, June 12, 2009

Thank you Goteborg

It is so hard to leave Goteborg (Gothenburg) let alone Sweden. I like the way the Swedes conduct themselves, not hustling and bustling like in London. I like their tact too. I will miss these folks and I hope one day I will be back in this city. Thank you Goteborg University, Dr Elisabeth Abiri, Dr Kjell Malmgren, Smyrna International Church..wonderful people!!
God remains faithful. The past three weeks have been very rough...torrid. But last night I sang the song 'You Are Alpha and Omega...' I praised sacrificially I sensed a breakthrough, and today things have started happening.
There is still some uncertainty since I'm graduating while unemployed unlike during my previous studies at Orebro University. But I will walk on with hope and faith, believing that things will fall into place.

It will be good to be home, but it hurts to part with friends some who I met just last week. But as one of my friends quipped: It is time to move on.


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