Sunday, October 31, 2004

Of Healing and Favour

The international night at Brickebergkyrkan went on very well last night..colourful clothing from Indonesia, Hong Kong, India, Korea, Papua New Guinea, Japan, Malawi, Ethiopia, USA, Canada, Scotland etc and the food that went with it. There was lots of mixing between the Swedes and the internationals, a quiz and also Scottish traditional dances.

This morning Senior Pastor Anders Sundström preached from 1 Corinthians 14..and tackled topics like speaking in tongues and whether women should preach or not. He was for womenfolk taking to the pulpit. At the end there was a quiet time and Pastor Anders asked those who felt like speaking in tongues to do so, and also those who had a word from God to speak it out. One man had this word: 'Do not fear, My Spirit is within you' and old man stood up to say what the Lord had laid on his heart a few weeks ago, 'Where will you spend your eternity?' Another man went forward to say that God takes care of burdens such as need for healing. In the quietness, I felt God's healing hand at work, restoring broken and sick bodies, as well as relationships. It was a moment I have never experienced here in Sweden.

During 'Fika' I saw the favour of the Lord being poured on me liberally! Kevin le Blanc my Canadian friend who today sang so beautifully in a duet and a solo gave me an early Christmas present. The best guitar chord encyclopaedia I have ever seen. God's healing at work! My Dad was an amazing jazz guitarist, and when he died an uncle took away his chord book and records. I felt hurt because as first born son, I should have inherited these items.
Then the Scotslady Ruth Willett asked me to get a spare winter jacket at her home. Ruth also said she and her husband Cameron are offering to pay half the cost for my plane schedule changes!!! I nearly cried right there in the church grounds. So it is now most likely I will leave for Malawi on 12 December. Bless the Lord.


At 1 November 2004 at 07:30:00 CET, Blogger Elin said...


Actually the zodiac sign comes up automatically when you enter your date of birth in your profile. So either you get no age/zodiac sign/born in the year of, or you get all of it.

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