Friday, November 03, 2006


Quite a busy and stressful week here. The oppressive heat, mosquitoes and the financial hiccups my work place is going through are making things worse. I look forward to my holiday in a week's time.

Someone in my office was supposed to travel to Djibouti this month. But another colleague has sneaked behind everyone to have his name put on the travelling party instead of the original workmate.
TYPICAL MALAWIAN BEHAVIOUR...and I make no apologies for that. People hate to see others have opportunities to advance. Unimaginable selfishness. Yet this sneaky fellow has travelled so many times outside Malawi, while the victim has never. May God visit this greedy fellow and speak to him in no uncertain terms.

I used to tell my Swedish-Polish friend Margarita Mildsommar "stressade inte" roughly meaning "don't be stressed". It's funny that those that encourage others usually buckle under situations themselves!!!

But Im reminded to count my blessings and not my disappointments.

I bought a weghing scale and I was shocked with my weight. I thought people were exaggerating when they remarked about my weight gain. Anyway, it is not so much, just 4 kilogrames above my ideal weight.


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