Thursday, October 04, 2007


My maternal grandmother, Mrs Edna Chirombo, nee Kupilingu is 80 today. What a woman and what a mother!!
She has kept the family together with her wisdom and liberal views on life and living. I remember the woman we fondly call, 'Amama' or by the cheeky nickname 'Mtswita', bathing us as mom was away at work. She would also cook meals, dispatch us to school and brew the popular local soft drink, 'Thobwa' which is made from millett, sugar flour.

I appreciate you granny, especially for sticking with your children, grand children and great-grandchildren through the sweet and tough times. She had nine children, now only three remain. Quite a misfortune, but Amama remains cheerful and philosophical about her loss. The matriarch likes to quip, 'I have fought a good fight..'
Happy Birthday to you Amama, alias Mtswita!!


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