Thursday, April 19, 2007


There shouldn't really be a debate over whether former Malawi president Bakili Muluzi should contest in the 2009 polls. It is like asking the children of Israel to go back to Pharaoh's atrocities in Egypt as recounted in the Bible. I feel Muluzi failed to leave any impressive legacy and he should have been wise enough to retire. As I see it and as many have pointed out, he cannot compare with the present government in terms of administration. Even during his rallies, one can see that Muluzi really has nothing new to offer apart from trying to put down the achievements of the current government. But if he is stubborn, let Muluzi come to the polls where I foresee disaster and embarrassment for him.
On another note God has proved himself faithful yet again. I was worried about 1 May onwards, since I left the comfort zone of MBC. I got a phone call from the US this week and it was an answer of how I will make ends meet until I leave for South Africa later this year. THIS GOD, JEHOVAH! His is faithful.


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