Friday, May 30, 2008

Home and Away...

It feels good to be back home in Malawi...soon after landing in the capital, Lilongwe on 17 May, I sensed the smell of the dust, and I said yes, this is home! A few hours later I was chewing sugarcane with my two uncles at Area 47 in the city, before catching a bus to Blantyre where I arrived around 9pm. What a trip! I thanked God for the travel mercies and grace I found before Him and friends like Pastor Duncan Forbes and my classmate Margaret Nyamushamba who took me to Heathrow Airport, and also for the favour with my luggage which included my new Ibanez guitar..(I had worries if I would be allowed to have three pieces of luggage!).
In Blantyre it is currently hot in the afternoon and cold at night. Half the time I am at home trying to 'rest' and the other half visiting friends and relatives, including some who are sick. Yesterday I cheered up two patients, today I have already been to see one and another trip is lined up around lunch hour. These are the realities of life in Malawi. In London and Sweden I thought that one is stressed by hustling and bustling, meeting deadlines, trying not to miss the train, tube, bus...time matters alot. In Malawi the stresses are quite different. Mainly they have to do with social obligations such as weddings, engagements, sicknesses, funerals or trying to meet the needs of friends and relatives.
I rejoined the Praise Team at my church Word Alive Ministries International last was good to be welcomed by the leadership and friends...I was a bit rusty playing the guitar, but I should get better. My family are so happy to see me back after a year and I'm loving the attention!!!


At 31 May 2008 at 15:04:00 CEST, Blogger Duncan Forbes said...

Hi Joe, Its good to know you got home safely and are enjoying being back.

I look forward to you coming back to England in 2009!

At 1 June 2008 at 14:04:00 CEST, Blogger TADALA said...

Welcome back home Joe, though I know that you are here on holiday. It was good to see you in church playing the guitar. You are a blessing to us.



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