Friday, February 29, 2008

While Here You Want To Be There...And Vice Versa

Life away from home is very challenging. One is uprooted from family, friends and relatives and all the familiar things like church, markets, banking and trading systems among other things. The adjustment in Europe for one coming from southern Africa is quite massive and life can be lonely and tough.

At some point one falls into the routine of the foreign land and gets used to the way of life, and in some cases they may even acquire close friends. Still the nostalgia and homesickness persists. One longs for home and craves for family and friends not forgetting the local food.

But when the time comes to go home, they are torn in between. They want to see their homeland, but they feel a part of them is also in the foreign country!! It is not easy at all. Once home one starts to recall that life left behind in the 'diaspora' and starts to have nostalgia. Try to go back abroad and you will start crying for home again!! It is such a heart-wrenching cycle.

(On a different note, I'm told today the 29th of February is marked by women proposing love to men in some societies here in interesting)


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