Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Time Goes...

Time flies indeed and it seems like yesterday when I was arriving in London for my studies in January. It also seems like a moment ago as I reeled under the pain of losing my close friend, Lucy Prisca Mtembezeka, a year ago today. It's a pity that her photo is on my laptop which crashed a year ago and is proving too expensive to would have seen her bubbly, smily face.
I still think about Lucy and look at the last ever card she gave me. ( I took it with me from Malawi)...the words say: "When the sun is shining in the sky, brightening the world around are the one who puts a touch of joy, of delight to my world, Love you tenderly". The little girl would have been in form three; she was intelligent and desiring to succeed in the battle against orphanhood challenges! I miss her alot.
On a warmer note..the sun today feels like the African version! Quite hot outside and I don't know how the people basking on the lawn are managing. I guess they are making the most out of the weather, while I as an African, don't miss or mind much sunshine.


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