Friday, June 19, 2009


Thanks be to God who always leads us unto victory through Jesus Christ His Son. I'm appreciative of the Lord for today marks the end of my two-year MA in Sweden, England and Norway. Way back in 2006 I was in despair and crying to God to take me out of my trying work situation. He did it! A year later I was in Europe when I least expected it. Praise God! Be encouraged today that God will surprise you when you are almost giving up, He will grant you respite and grace.

My late father never went that far with education, but I know he would have been happy for me today for having a second masters degree. I bet my old man would have come running like he always did shouting "chipolopolo changa!" (my bullet of a son) each time I did something noteworthy. The guy would then brag to his pals about me! Hahahahahah!

I'm thankful also to my mom, for always being supportive and my siblings as well as relatives for the numerous journeys to the airport and welcoming me even at odd hours. I take the next step by faith trusting God and believing Him for a great future. Satan, the blood of Jesus is against you!


At 7 August 2009 at 21:02:00 CEST, Blogger bloggingmalawi said...

very heartwarming story, aise. how touching to hear how you father liked celebrating your achievements. i'm sure he is saying "chipolopolo changa" from up above, this moment. congratulations on fishing your second masters degree, after such a rigorous, arduous process.


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