Friday, April 23, 2010

Turns and Twists

The past few weeks have been really busy and stressful as I dealt with academic aspirations for 2010 and beyond, my teaching chores, music ministry, job-hunting and house-keeping. It is funny how people make promises they don't follow up especially when one is in a fix! It is amazing how people disappoint you when you took them as mentors or 'fathers' in a way. Is it the Biblical waning of love in the last days at play?
It is heartening however to see that amidst such negatives some souls do shine and go the extra mile for another person. Some people are simply angels!
I am making a new turn in my career. I will be outside my comfort zone for some weeks in the near future having to leave Blantyre, my beloved Blantyre for another place! I thank God and the friends and relatives who have been there for me and are still there!

I'm dreaming of a future without donor aid and the strings attached, in Malawi. Im pondering life without political interference in vital aspects of the Malawi society like jobs, awarding of contracts and the media operations. I'm thinking Malawi should be free of petty jealousy, cronyism, laziness and apathy. The future will be bright if we do away with these and many other vices.


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