Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Eating and Saving a Life...

Troubling news came through on Sunday evening and it was to the effect that a distant relation in Machinjiri Township, Blantyre had hanged himself. Apparently the man, Rogers, had been going through severe financial problems and he thought the only way out was to commit suicide, leaving behind a wife and two very young children.
Those who witnessed the final moments of Rogers say he was still alive when he was taken to one of the hospitals in the city.
Unfortunately for the relatives who were trying to save the man's life, it was dinner time for nurses and other medics at the health facility! They reporterdly went on with their business of eating the evening meal as Rogers lay in poor condition. By the time the medical staff had finished enjoying dinner and started to check on Rogers, he was no more. Shocking!
Allegations of nurses being rude to patients and showing disregard to emergencies have been around for some time now. On one occasion I personally saw a mother holding a very ill young son rush into the hall of the referall hospital in Blantyre, QECH, to alert medics about the need for a trolley or a wheel-chair. Nobody seemed to care and the woman ended up handling the trolley herself...she was later assisted by a minibus conductor whose vehicle had kindly agreed to make a diversion to the hospital!
Is it that medical workers get so used to the ill that their hearts and souls get calloused:hardened to the point that a dying person, a mother in distress are trivia to them? Could it be demotivation due to financial or other reasons?
I'm baffled and I cannot find a mouth with which to narrate my astonishment!


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