Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Mixed Bag

Happy New Year!
It has been hard to get proper internet, and that meant three months without any update. This update is a mixed bag and is intended to help you catch up with developments over the past months. I moved into the new house at Manja township...some 15 minutes from the bus stop, but the abode is great, much bigger and nicer with a vegetable garden and a bigger one for maize outside the main compound.
In January I started working at Malawi Institute of Journalism as lecturer in human rights as well as investigative journalism. It's great to teach again...how I love to teach! The job is on part-time basis though and I'm searching for more opportunities since I have alot of free time at the moment.

My mac laptop that crashed three years ago miraculously came back to life. I was praying and praying that something divine would happen on 19th February when it indeed happened!! I couldn't believe it when the booting sound rang and I was able to see stuff I thought I would never have access to, including photos of my family, music, documents and pictures of two closes friends who died in 2007 (Lucy Mtembezeka) and in 2008 (Susan Chikuse). Two friends I informed of the resurrection of the laptop said it was divine intervention without me prompting them. (At my church Word Alive, there were prayers called Shiloh Night on that Friday and Im just thinking the blessings overflowed to my home despite my absence from the function).

I was supposed to attend my graduation at Roehampton University in London next week, but the trip has fallen through due to lack of funds. Some travelling would have done me good I think after being 'grounded' for the past nine months.
Near my new home there is a big church and the pastor there has his devotions at 4am every single day and mind you they are not quiet prayers! He shouts into the microphone for 45 minutes or an hour. Hence, Im forced to wake up around that time every day. Im wondering how I can tell the cleric to pray without using the microphone or to lower the noise levels. My thinking is at that early hour there may not be many faithful in that church to require a mike, and they should care about other citizens in the township who would like some rest at 4am!
Lastly, I'm pondering why some people think they are good match-makers, while in giving testimonies about their marriages, they say they prayed alot before finding a spouse or making a decision about a person they fancied. Some of these people when they see you with a girl, they start making hints and suggestions. So they should tell you what to do while in their case God told them what to do? Selah!


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