Thursday, November 19, 2009

Development and Moving

The past few weeks have been hard in Malawi. Acute fuel shortages, endless power outages and little water supply to the extent of people in urban areas drawing water from some small wells. One wonders where the much touted development is, if townsmen endure such misery compounded by poor learning facilities at both primary and secondary education levels among other things. A look at some school blocks in Blantyre city will tell you how pathetic the situation is 45 years after attaining political independence!
It makes the recent government drive to close 'sub-standard' private schools hypocritical! Check the classrooms at Likhubula Primary School in Chilomoni, Blantyre city, and you tell me if that is a clean and suitable environment for teaching. If you say 'yes' to that then go ahead and close all the mediocre private you want!

Thank you for your prayers. I found a house, something like 2.5 kilometres from my present abode. A little far from the bus stop but the new house is definitely bigger and better! When I move out of Nkolokosa after 10 and a half years, I will surely be out of my comfort zone. But I believe God wants to bless me in a big way and it is all His set-up. I pray that the Lord will meet you at your pint of need too.


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