Saturday, November 06, 2004

Finland Ahoy!

An SMS from my brother Eddie at 5am was the perfect tonic for this day. At 12.40pm I will catch a train to Stockholm from where I will board 'Silja Serenade' a ferry bound for Helsinki, Finland at 17.00. My class is heading to Helsinki and Tampere today to study one of the course modules in the two Finnish cities. I will be back in Örebro on Thursday next week alongside a few others. Some will remain to 'enjoy' the weekend in Tampere. Pray for me please. I'm quite tense and nervous, as I have never travelled at sea before. I phoned home last night to seek their blessings! Poor Gopilal Acharya (from Bhutan) who features in one of the photos on this blog, is not going with us. Somebody stole his bag in the second-hand clothes shop in Örebro on Thursday. The bag contained his passport, money and driving licence. Police are looking into the matter. As if that was not enough Angella Nabwowe from Uganda lost her flat keys yesterday and was crying (very distressing to me). The officials here asked for 300 crowns so that the lock is smashed and replaced. But in all things God remains good and we should be thankful to Him.


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