Thursday, November 04, 2004

Well Done Dubya..

I'm glad the candidate I rooted for in the recent USA elections George W Bush, aka 'Dubya', carried the day. I like his stand on matters of morals and Christianity. I pray for him that God will use him mightily to change America for the better. God is able...more than able. Congratulations to John Kerry for accepting defeat gracefully. That's what democracy is all about.

We have been largely free this week from classes. Yesterday we had a seminar on weblogs and their usefulness to journalists. Our session ran into trouble because some persons overrun their 20 minutes allocation which punished people following them. I presented my paper in ten minutes..I'm the quiet guy with few words..ha ha ha ha ha..

In the evening I found great joy to play the guitar in a group setting once again. The Brickeberg international group is leading worship on Sunday at the local church! I'm really sore about it because I love worship, but then I will be in Finland then. Nevertheless, I jogged from campus to Brickebacken guitar in hand, just to enjoy the worship as the group practiced...there were four guitars and a saxophone, and a number of ladies providing vocal power. I guess my time will come during Advent Service on November 30. I will play alongside the others and speak on how we celebrate Christmas in Malawi. But first I really have to work on my shyness with regard to public speaking.

I learnt on Tuesday that my Mom's former boss, Grain Msukwa, had died after a brief illness. I was shocked and sad. Mr Msukwa was a quiet character, full of wisdom and advice. Each time we met, the deceased reminded me he is waiting for my wedding day, an occasion he said he would be happy about and dance and present alot of gifts. May his soul rest in peace.

Today I went to the train company in Örebro, SJ, to collect a certificate to enable me to get discounts. I guess it's a good idea considering how pricey things are in Sweden! I also received my plane tickets to and from Malawi with lots of problems like waiting for 24 hours at an airport to make a connection!!


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