Friday, November 12, 2004


Praise God I'm back from the trip to Finland! 'His mercies never end, Great is Thy Faithfulness' A gospel song goes thus. Our sea journey was smooth both to and from Finland and the waters calm. The ships, 'Silja Serenade' and 'Silja Europa' are fantastic..they are like floating hotels with shopping malls, swimming pools, tv, restaurants etc on board. It was my first time to travel by sea. What a blessing it was to be in touch with Eddie my brother through SMS from Örebro to Stockholm and even when 'Serenade' was leaving for Helsinki. I thought in terms of stability the ship was better than a plane! Within minutes of arriving in Helsinki, I was happy to get a call from my dear cousin and sister Chitsanzo. (In Malawi a cousin is considered as your brother or sister!!) We went sightseeing that day. Our host was the Swedish School of Social Science which is under University of Helsinki.
Monday and Tuesday were filled with crammed programmes of lessons and tours to a local paper and TV, and we also met foreign ministry officials. Mom sent two SMS! I felt so good! On Wednesday it was more hectic as we journeyed to Tampere by train. We visited Nokian village, home of the Nokia phone. I felt giddy and sick because the merry-go-round at a park was going so fast..but it was fun!! At University of Tampere there were two presentations and half of our group left by train to Turku. The others want to enjoy Finland more. At Turku we boarded 'Europa' to Stockholm, but we landed ashore 95 kilometres away from the train station. As the train arrived in Örebro, I felt so happy to be home! Yes Örebro is now like home to me. I miss Malawi but away from it, Örebro is my home. The boys in the hostel at the university seemed excited to see me back. Kiitos! That's how Finns say, 'Thank You' They are a reserved people, them Finns and it's an expensive country to live in. Viva Örebro, Viva Sweden!!


At 13 November 2004 at 20:08:00 CET, Blogger Elin said...

Thanks for your comment Joe - it's so funny you said that about thanking and praising because we just had teaching on that yesterday!

I'm glad you had a good trip to Finland, and it's cool you like Sweden and can see Orebro as your home!

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