Saturday, February 05, 2005

It Is Well With My Soul

Blessed be the Lord God Almighty who always leads us unto victory through His son Jesus is the fifth anniversary of the sudden departure of my beloved sister Anne..she collapsed and died in the year 2000 from what the doctor called aneurism. The BBC news website says: "An aneurism is a dilation, or swelling, of a blood vessel (where part of the vein or artery inflates like a balloon). The wall of the aneurism stretches and is thinner and weaker than the rest of the artery wall. Because of its likelihood to burst, it poses a serious risk to health." Five years on I have accepted Anne's death and I have peace.

We came back to Örebro safely on Thursday night six hours ahead of schedule as the course at Oslo University College in Norway ended earlier than expected and our class was able to catch a bus at 4.30pm, getting home at 9.30pm.

On Wednesday I got a phone call from Mom that a burglar had forced open a window and run off with the mobile phone I gave my dear cousin and sister Chitsanzo only four weeks ago. This unnerved me so much. The other phone I took to Malawi was damaged by a technician at a phone shop, my fridge was damaged by a power surge, the television broke down in an unexplained manner, there is pressure with regard to school work and the issue of Chifundo my missionary friend. It is well, Lord.


At 26 July 2008 at 04:03:00 CEST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

How interesting to read the comment of the man from Malawi. It was dated 2005 & spoke of a mobil cell phone being stollen. I smiled. I was a missionary (Lutheran Church) and arrived in Malawi in 1963. A phone was a luxury & when it worked, a marvel!
And yet we too could sing: IT IS WELL WITH MY SOUL. Thanks be to God who gives us the victory thru our Lord Jesus Christ.

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