Monday, November 29, 2004

Advent Service

The first Sunday of advent in Sweden was marked by all sorts of activities, and I took part in those around Brickeberg area, where I'm based. At the Brickebergkyrkan, our Bible study folk (The International Group) organised a service of carols, Bible readings and a short message. During the normal morning service we 'advertised' the evening function by playing two songs. I played guitar along with Walt from USA and Kevin from Canada, Viendo from Indonesia on the piano, David from Sweden on the saxophone, and on the leading microphones my classmates Angella from Uganda and Rose from Zambia. The only incident in the morning service was that someone trying to fix my loose microphone knocked off music sheets from the stand and put the papers back with wrong music on top! In the afternoon our team was invited for 'fika' at the home of one of the church's members Hans Sollerman. There I tasted 'glogg' a traditional Swedish drink for the cold weather especially during Christmas time. I didn't enjoy it much....the herbs put me off. But the cakes and cookies were great
The evening service went off very well and it was a reward for our faith in God and hard work. The church however was half-full, but our prayer was that even if one person knew Christ through the function we would rejoice just as heaven would!

I was especially glad to see seven of my other classmates in the audience. One of the persons told me earlier this year she doesn't believe in God. Another of the people who came is a Moslem. Bless the name of the Lord Jesus. The vistors stayed for 'fika' and we had a good time. Unbelievable, I will be going home next weekend! I have already started packing. God is good all the time.


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