Thursday, January 10, 2008

Go Well My Beloved Reverend

I got a very upsetting sms today as I was in an orientation seminar in the library of Roehampton University. Reverend Lonjezo Phiri had passed away. What a shock to me! I knew he had been in poor health due to a long-standing liver problem but last time I called home he seemed to be in good health. I had been praying for him alot, and I tell you, when you pray for someone and they pass on, it hurts...yet the answer lies with God.
Reverend Lo was my nephew who turned one just two days ago. I saw in him a man who would preach and testify about God's goodness in his life. I saw him overcoming his health challenges to grow up in wisdom and stature to reach out to many people through ministry.

That is why I referred to him as Reverend Lonjezo. I broke down on the phone as mom spoke of how his health took a turn for the worse on his first birthday and how today he woke up strong in hospital and was singing baby songs..must have been praising God for the time he shared he shared with us!!
Then his condition suddenly changed around lunch hour and he was gone. I'm hurting but mom's words have been an encouragement...he went peacefully and his rest is the will of God. Mom sang over his body the hymns she often sang to him, before he was taken away to the mortuary.

May my beloved Reverend minister to many tomorrow as he will be laid to rest at Likhubula cemetery in Chilomoni, Blantyre, Malawi.
This is an sms I sent to Jane my sister, mother of Lonjezo on the baby's birthday on Monday, 8 January 2008:
Happy Birthday to my beloved nephew Reverend Lonjezo. I wish him God's favour, anointing to overcome and overtake. May he grow up praising God and testifying.

God be praised.


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