Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Almost Over

My time in Malawi is nearly over. Soon, I will be back in Europe as I continue with my studies. I need the grace of God so much as I prepare again to leave home, church, friends, family and relatives. It is not easy as I ponder the lonely life and the distance from Europe to the ones I love so much.
It has been fun to be in Malawi but also sad. It was great to see the developments taking root, to be part of the every-day nitty-gritties of life and just to feel the pulse of Malawi. During the vacation my neighbour's wife Grace Ngoma and my close friend at MBC, Susan Chikuse died. I thank God I was there to encourage them on their last mile on this earth.
I learned driving...would you believe that I didn't know how to drive?? I enjoyed playing guitar in church, and doing many other things plus being with some people I missed!!!! Of course there are some things I failed to do.
My last year of studies will not be easy and when I finish I will need even more grace to face the future from the relatively easy life of being a student and settling down with a spouse!! WOW!!


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