Monday, September 15, 2008


I have a friend who maintains that I have extra-ordinary curiosity and she dislikes the way I stop and gaze at something that has caught my fancy. I must admit sometimes I get carried away especially with planes and I once landed into a ditch because an aircraft that was passing quite low near my university in London, looked good to my eyes! I like jets and I'm already dreaming of travelling in the colossal Airbus A380!!
But sometimes my curiosity pays off because I notice things some folks do not, and also when I was younger I was the most reliable child to find any lost item at home!
On Saturday, however, I decided I should have perhaps less curiosity. Coming from city centre, I saw a person I thought was a female teacher I know at Tromsø university. I started looking keenly at the individual who was on a bike. The person waved and I waved happily back.
Then....It turned out that it was not the lecturer but a stranger and a man at that. This person then said something that stunned me. He started proposing to me!! I was 'serenaded' with: "You are BEAUTIFUL" and other words befitting a woman's ears, according to me! He blurted out that he was gay. I let him know about my stand on such matters...I like and love women. I bade him farewell as he continued to mutter: "But you are beautiful..."Such encounters may be common-place in Europe but coming from a small African country which is quite conservative in its world-view, I was rocked to the core. All naivity and innocence was gone. That is why I think I shouldn't be all eyes at everything! Less chidwi, chirwaha....

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