Friday, September 05, 2008


I received this email from the University yesterday:

"You have registered for the following exams:
BIO-2515 Introduction to aquatic biology 5sp Term: 2008-Autumn Examsystem: W Language: English
BIO-3556 Fishery biology and harvest technology 10sp Term: 2008-Autumn Exam system: HSM Language:
SOK-2040 Basic economics 5sp Term: 2008-Autumn Examsystem: W Language: Norwegian
SOK-3554 Resource economics and project evaluation methods 10sp Term: 2008-Autumn Examsystem: S Language:
SVF-2505 Basic social science for fisheries management 5sp Term: 2008-Autumn Examsystem: S Language: Norwegian
SVF-3554 A social science perspective on fisheries management and development 10sp Term: 2008-Autumn Examsystem: S Language- If your exam registration is incorrect (e.g. exam semester, language preference, etcetera), you have to make the corrections yourself. The correction deadline is 6 days after the date of this letter."

Then today I got this one:
Dear students

"Due to a technical error you have received incorrect information in your email. Student number, pin code and registrations for exams are unfortunately incorrect. University of Tromsø will distribute new email or letter containing correct information during the next week.

We are sorry for the inconvenience.

With kind regards

Department of research and academic affairs

Well, well...It answered my query for I had said to myself: Since when did I venture into this fisheries thing?? Anyway zimachitika...(It happens) is not infallible just like the humans who command the machines!!

Only One - Lionel Richie


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