Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Another Year Added...

Thanks be to God who always leads us to victory through His Son Jesus. I believe that the Lord God Almighty takes us from one level of glory to the other! It is my birthday today and I have every reason to thank God. I feel honoured and privileged to have lived this long...many went to the Lord while relatively younger. I praise Him for the opportunities and windows that have opened since my last birthday...I simply cannot believe what the Lord has done in me for the past year! I have been places and achieved many things that seemed a mirage just last year. Indeed all things are possible with God.
I'm receiving many gifts, text messages, emails and phone calls...I appreciate! I broke down this morning in tears as Mom called and sang 'Blessed Assurance' one of my favourite hymns, and told me what I mean to her and the family...It is so good to be loved and feel loved. Thank God for family and friends! Happy Birthday To Me!! "Tiamwere, skall, cheers"


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