Tuesday, September 16, 2008


I read a newspaper article yesterday about a function at Malawi's energy monopoly, Escom, which concerned long-serving members who were retiring from the entity. One person had actually served for 37 years. That's some loyalty! Part of the story went:
"As a token of appreciation Escom gave each retiring employee a mattress, a set of pots, a mountain bike and an Escom wall clock as a souvenir."

This made me think. Someone who had served for 37 years must be quite advanced in age and would a mountain bike really do in their retirement? Would they have the strength and zeal to go riding? I'm of the view that there could have been a better 'thank you' for the retired workers. How about letting them have free or subsidized electricity for the rest of their lives? How about monetary investment on the stock market (never mind the ongoing turmoil in this field elsewhere!) on their behalf?

I sometimes think we ought to ask people what gifts they want to have for their special occasions because often useless presents are given! To make it worse such ineffectual gifts are in some cases, expensive.

On another note, investment can be in other forms too...mentoring younger folks, teaching a skill to a friend, meeting various needs or just being there for a person. God has invested alot of talents in us and I believe everyday presents an opportunity to make an investment in another individual. How good and satisfying it is to hear that somehow God used you to inspire and motivate someone else who has reached their goal!


At 29 September 2008 at 10:42:00 CEST, Blogger Fingani Mphande said...

Wawa Joe, thanks for the great comment, zoona planning ndiyofunika and I like your comment on the presents with Escom... ma retired officers akhala fit, using a mountain bike will be a good exercise.

Kodi mwayamba fisheries, ine I thought you are studying communication. hahahhaaha

At 30 September 2008 at 15:56:00 CEST, Blogger Joe Mlenga said...

Umadziwa 'Usodzi wa lero'!!! Thanks for the kind words. Ha det bra!


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