Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Faith is foolish..

What a strange headline! But then faith is a strange facet of life and to some quite ludicrous and stupid. My macintosh laptop (iBook G4) broke down in 2007 just two years after buying it new and since then I have had much trouble especially in dealing with academic or literary endeavours.
I kept hoping that one day I would have another laptop, although doubts would creep in due to financial challenges. Two months ago, I found a disused internet cable in the students' residence. I plugged it into the network socket in my room and waited for the day I would have a computer! It was quite 'foolish' for I had very little or no hope of getting one this year.
A few weeks ago I happened to be talking to an old friend, Bruce Zamaere, and he mentioned that he was buying a new computer. From last week there is now something at the end of the internet cable I plugged in two months ago in faith...Bruce's old laptop which he kindly gave me!!

Nine years ago I started buying cds with no hope of buying a cd player due to the high cost of the machine in Malawi, and it was the same case with dvds three years ago. But unexpectedly I travelled abroad where I managed to purchase the cd and dvd players.
Faith is not easy and it often appears foolish, but God will never let down those that trust in Him. That is what I have learned over the years.


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