Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Seasons of Life...

Compare and the contrast the first two pictures. I took the first one with everything looking green and beautiful last month (August. )

Wow! The foliage is so thick and eye-catching. That was when summer was still around here in Norway.
I snapped the second photo a month later on 28 September. Wow! The leaves have fallen off and the trees look bare and forlorn.

That is so because it is now autumn and vegetation turns yellow, red, brown and the trees sure look desolate. I agree with assertions that our lives have seasons ..of plenty and of need; of happiness and of sorrow; of sowing and of reaping. (Sounds like Ecclesiastes 3, huh?)
The lesson from the trees is that we need to be wise with the way we spend our time, resources and more crucially the decisions we make. As somebody quipped our tomorrow is the result of the decisions we are making today. When youth, beauty and strength have gone will we be found wanting or we will have something to fall back on? What legacy are we leaving behind? Will we be satisfied with the decisions we made or will it be pure regret?

The trees in the photo will rejuvinate come spring next year (April-May) but for man, sadly, chances often come just once. When our 'leaves' have fallen off, there is no going back. Selah. Selah again!


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