Sunday, March 06, 2005


Praise be to the Lord, to God our Saviour who daily bears our burdens' (Ps68:19 NIV.) Imagine what manner of creatures we would be if there was no God to turn to when we are anxious, sick, heart-broken, lonely and even broke. What a miserable life!

At 10.30am this morning my class will board a chartered bus on the first leg of a trip to Aarhus in Denmark. We will study 'Reporting Europe' at Aarhus University from tomorrow up to Thursday. So the bus will take us to Göteborg where will catch a ferry to Aarhus. We are disappointed though that we will not see Coppenhagen! That because we have toured Helsinki, Stockholm and Oslo.

I phoned home last night and heard my village has lost one of its enterprising young men Mavuto Joshua. Vuto as he was popularly known, died in South Africa in a car accident at the age of about 29. He settled in South Africa several years ago. May his soul rest in peace.
This morning I got an email from somebody purporting to be organisers of the UK National Lotttery, claiming that I have won 73thousand and 206pounds sterling...I would be a millionaire in Malawi if that were true, but I guess this is another trick of the internet fraudsters. Anyway they are prophesying that God will bless me with such monies soon. It is minus 14 degrees celsius this morning(On Thursday we had minus 17 degrees celsius!!) God bless you.


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