Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Nzambe malamu...!!

A day not to forget, and that's why although the event happened on 16 April, I will still record it. I danced with abandon, home-style to the tunes of a Congolese gospel group...mpaka achina 'Hakuna Mungu Kamawewe'...at Vasakyrkan, the church of my friend Elin.

She is back from her Discipleship Training in Switzerland and reaching out with the Gospel in Uganda and a bit in Kenya. It was good to leave the books aside and jump skywards, both legs in the air to the rhumba music in the premises of Vasa!!

Talking about studies, we have only 13 days to hand in the thesis! Hey! Im working at a frantic pace, but with belief I will make it. Today's meeting with Professor Stig-Arne Nohrstedt was a big encouragement. It has been a sad few weeks though. The death of an old friend Fanny Joshua (Tiseke)... what a smile she had, my cousin Godfrey Walani, and that of Mom's old pal, Anagama. (She once nominated me for a post as an official in the Youth League of Malawi, a militant youth wing of the former MCP government to my chagrin!!).
Chisomo my beloved nephew (muphwa) has broken his arm again, at the same place he did last month, this time a compound fracture. But in all things I say Praise God.

Nzambe malamu, Mungu ni mwema ( Swahili) Nzambi wambote ( Kikongo) Meu Deus elé bon(Portuguese) Min Gud, han är god (Swedish), Bon Diem nan li bon (Kreol) Mon Dieu Il est bon(French) which in English is 'My God He is good..' That's the song I liked most at the bash by the Congolese group! "1,2,3, 4, 5,6 Moto!!"


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