Friday, November 09, 2007

A Dose Of My Own Medicine...

As a lecturer at the Malawi Polytechnic for the past two academic years, I was in a position to formulate and administer english literature examinations to students in the Journalism and Media Studies Department. I often wondered how they made basic mistakes during the tests, and coming up with 'horrible' handwriting.
Today I was at the receiving end, facing written examinations after over ten years without such 'harassment'. We finished the law module of the course with a three-hour paper. Looking at the way I initially reacted to the paper and my handwriting at the end of the undertaking, I think I had a judicious dose of my own medicine..excuse the pun!
It went on well though, and at least one of the two questions, 'ndinalikomaniza' or anticipated it. Thank you friends and family in Sweden, the UK and Malawi for your encouragement and prayers. Whew! Now there is this empty feeling that usually comes after writing examinations realising there is nothing to keep you that least for the weekend!


At 10 November 2007 at 18:37:00 CET, Blogger Cryton said...

Joe, you are not the only one being harassed. My atheist classmate after much stress concluded, "studies are the devils work"! Well, we all know the disastrous outcome of choosing ignorance. I wish you well in your search for knowledge. Good luck.

At 11 November 2008 at 12:08:00 CET, Anonymous Blanche said...

You write very well.


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