Thursday, November 22, 2007

Globalisation and Cellphones

My class is currently studying globalisation in relation to human rights. When I look at the mobile phone or 'cellular' as we fondly call it in Malawi, I see a very good expression of globalisation. It defies established borders and the traditional time lag associated with posting letters. Imagine, I can sit in class in Sweden and send instructions to my siblings back home whether they are in the home or out in the maize garden..thanks to the sms facility. Before this invention it would take a letter to be written, be posted and arrive in Malawi a month later, rendering the 'news' stale!

But the cellphone can be a source of misadventure if handled absent-mindedly! On Saturday, 17th November, I was thrilled to receive a text message from a long-time friend visiting Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Now as I replied I failed to notice that the name of this lady pal was next to my Mom's in the phonebook. The reply thus, went to my mother in Blantyre and reached her in the middle of the night at a church meeting.
The content of the sms was quite interesting, but not one I would have wanted mom to know about, let alone read!! Mercifully, Mrs Mercy Maureen Mlenga took it all in her stride and texted back to me saying:
"Good Luck Son!!"


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