Thursday, November 29, 2007

Don't Repair, Buy a New One...

I now know why I see loads of electronic goods dumped around some places in Sweden. Some of the gadgets look quite new. Today, I was at Macforum, a shop that repairs Apple computers in connection with my iBook G4 laptop that stopped working in April this year. I was told it would cost about 6,400 SEK to revive the machine...what a laugh! (I bought the laptop at around 7000 SEK two years ago)

I was told that the logic board of the iBook G4 needed replacement, and in the opinion of Macforum, I should buy a new laptop and not repair the old machine. Aha!! Sidney Kalimanjira, a Malawian who lives in Göteborg, narrated a similar experience..his damaged dvd player would cost 500 SEK to repair, yet a new one costs 300 SEK!!
Apparently Apple the manufacturers of the iBook G4 are facing a petition over thousands of defective machines they sold...iBook G4 logic board shows that over three thousands laptops were made with bad logic boards. I'm petitioner 3144, by the way. So far Apple company is silent and Applestore no longer has the iBook G4 in stock....the reason should be obvious. Rejoice in the Lord, always. Again I will say, rejoice. (Philippians 4:4


At 1 December 2007 at 22:02:00 CET, Blogger Kondwani Moyo said...

Back home we don't easily throw items away. Ngakhale chithe motani it is still kept in a carton somewhere around the house, in the hope that one day it may be useful.

I volunteered to help clean and paint my church. Every time something is thrown in the trash, I would ask "hey, that can be reused?!" I gave up because all the items that looked very usable had to be trashed. Finaly another African lady joined, who suggested that some items can be sold in a yard sale and raise money, which could be used for something else. I was glad to hear that some items fetched a good price.

Back to your story about your laptop computer, I think someone should act on the 3000+ petitions, otherwise the corporate image may be destroyed.


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