Friday, December 21, 2007


Julklapp...Christmas present in Swedish! I was told that I was getting a Christmas present earlier in the afternoon today. I lost my new Nokia phone I bought just last month and last night I had just recharged it with 75 kronor of airtime. I lost it at Olivedalsgatan, a tram stop where I usually get Goteborg City a free newspaper that incidentally stops coming out from today on.

As I leaned down to take the paper at about 8.05 am, my mobile must have fallen out and since it was dark (it's longest night today, 21 December) I never noticed the gadget until 30 minutes later when I realised it was missing. I was down and all seemed lost as I could not get through the missing phone. Still I prayed. An hour later I made a connection. Praise God for this Swedish woman who faithfully kept the cellphone and returned it to me.
"This is your Christmas present" She joked! I saw Jesus, the main actor at Christmas, in that lady's attitude. May God reach her and heal her of all her infirmities.


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