Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Dreaming of a White Christmas...

It is very cold today in Göteborg with the temperatures hovering around zero degrees celsius, but no snow yet. We have had only a small snow-storm that quickly disappeared as soon as it came. I hope it snows on Christmas day, so that I experience a White Christmas!!
The first semester for my MA programme ends in this week. It has been tough going with various distractions affecting the studies, but God has been faithful. There have been people like Kjell Malmgren, our dear teacher Elisabeth Abiri, my countryman Sidney Kalimanjira and Smyrna International Church...they made a difference during the rough times! God bless you all.
On another note last Saturday was tragic for Sidney. He lost his father back home in Malawi. Ironically Sidney invited almost all his close friends to his house including Major Dan Kuwali, who I last saw 10 years ago at Chancellor College in Malawi. It was a happy and loud party, only to be shattered by the sad news. Sidney told me of his heart-break and the night of crying on Saturday. I understood him having lost my father in 1999. The pain can be too much even for a man.


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