Thursday, August 25, 2005


God is faithful. That's what I would want to remind myself as my holiday draws to a close, and after more than one year I'm set to return to MBC. The time away has been spent in Sweden at Orebro University. It is so hard to imagine going back to the old routine. I feel I need another challenge and so news writing and the rest are not so appetising at the moment.
The pain of missing friends in Sweden has been so intense lately, but I trust the Lord that I will meet again Kevin, Elin, Cam, Ruth, Joakim, Viendo, Cherie, Maria, Magnus, Andreas, Anders and the rest of the folks there.
It is very hot in Blantyre and at night the mosquitoes are proving to be a nuisance.
It is has been good to be online for hours and hours at the computer lab of my pal Bruce. Otherwise it was K500 a week to access internet at the cafes. We also have been working on a website together...good experience for me. My prayer goes to Chifundo my missionary friend. In her midnight hour, my the Lord God minister to her. God is faithful, the rock of your salvation. Praise Him Praise. From the rising of the sun unto the going down of the same. Praise Him.

Thursday, August 04, 2005


Orebro. How I have missed you in the past few weeks! The university, the friends, the church, the streets. Actually Resecentrum just popped on my mind and I felt acute pain thinking of what I left behind which will always be a part of me. As a result I have been struggling somewhat to fully get back to life in Malawi. Daily water cuts, the dust and other problems compound matters. I long to return to you and see you. This week has been great. At the computer lab where I find grace to use email for the whole day, the connection has been good. My application to attend a media conference in South Africa next month has been successful and it seems I may have a part time job on some website building with my friend Bruce. Otherwise Im still on holiday and will return to work at MBC early next month. I'm not looking forward to getting to my old tasks of writing news and producing news programmes. I need something more challenging and I wish to get into another department maybe Training!
My birthday was on the 30th of July and it was an enjoyable day. Some dear friends started calling as early as 1am! Some sent sms others emails. Thank you all. I love you. Mom and my brother Eddie came along. Together with cousins and nephews we sang Praise songs and the kids recited Bible verses. I played and sang 'How Great Thou Art' Eddie played and sang 'Ulemelelo' Mom and Chisomo sang their own composition. Praise God!