Monday, June 20, 2005

Challenging Journey

It feels good to be back home, to be with the friends and family members. But I also miss the people I left behind in Orebro, Sweden. What a challenging trip back home...the hassles of luggage at Arlanda airport and the hardened heart of the manager on duty who refused to grant me grace for the excess weight. In London, having to make an hour long trip by the subway to get to my hotel, having arrived at Heathrow around 11pm. In Harare, the New Ambassador Hotel claimed my university didnot make a booking, and so turned me away. God is good. I had delivered a parcel to Susan Machiridza's father, and he turned out to be hero of the day when he took me to his home, fed me and helped me trace my uncle Maxwell Mlenga in Mount Pleasant. I also met Cecilia Machiridza, the trainee nurse! I had a great time at Uncle's place and we teased each other as usual plus his advice and mentorship. At Harare International Airport, I was hassled again with my hand luggage. The girl was merciful this time. On Monday 13 June, I finally met the folks: Mom, Chitsanzo, Chisomo, Kulani, Granny, Uncle Zexi, Uncle Norman, Prince and Ed. Nkolokosa looks the same but I don't like the dust!! Mphatso and were awesome in my hour of need. Thanks. Church was great yesterday..strange feeling not to hear Swedish preaching.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Anders and Bengt

On Sunday I had an encounter with two men of God, both Swedes. The first Anders Sundstrom, who has been my pastor at Brickebergskyrkan. He asked my to speak to the church about my fellowship there which I gladly did. I have enjoyed being with this church during my stay in Orebro, and the music was fantastic. 'Jag Kommer Hem, Jag Kommer nu..Hem Igen.' and 'Vi resa hem' are the songs I will remember for a long time even after I leave Orebro. Anders said it was important for the Swedes to realise people get satisfied with their company.
It was long into the second semester that I managed to get to talk for real to some local people, who are not part of the international group. I really found it hard not to chat at will and at length like back home. In the afternoon I went to Elin's church at Vasa. She wasn't there for the evening service but her congregation made me feel at home. This included Bengt, retired pastor of the church. We chatted and he even took my address so that we become sort of penpals.
Bengt was disappointed I would not visit his home, chat to him and see the book he has written. What a great Sunday. Today I met Elin for an hour....shopped a bit and came home feeling exhausted. An era, a time of manifestation God's faithfulness is passing. For the rest of what is to come, I trust you God. Show your power to overcome set rules and regulations. Father God you take care of the fatherless. Thank you Jesus, I expect a miracle tomorrow at Arlanda.