Wednesday, June 14, 2006


I have a feeling the end of my stay at MBC is near. God put me there for a purpose. I think my mission and commission is almost through.
Just yesterday, some senior talked to me as if I do not contribute anything worthwhile to the station. He does not listen or think before speaking. He added that I may have to move out of my office to pave way for somebody without an office.

My future lies in Malawi in the short term, but elsewhere..most likely in the academic circles. I have a duty to train students and show them the way.

Otherwise God is still good amidst the personal turmoil.
It is winter in Malawi, 9 degrees celsius in my area of residence on some days. Today though, it is a bit hot.

I thank God for the progress in my music. I can play much better. It is a joy to be in church and participate in the Praise Team.

It is a joy to teach at the Polytechnic.
Interacting with the students and challenging each other intellectually.

Yes, the Poly has been a wonderful alternative and a diversion so to say from the daily rat-race at MBC.

Polytechnic 2
It is a joy to hear that Victor Kaonga, an old friend is going to study at Orebro University.
I'm so thrilled because he will see the things I saw and meet the friends I left behind. All at once the pain of missing Orebro and the friends doesn't seem so much.