Thursday, October 20, 2005


I guess an updated is required having gone for ages without posting anything. I went back to work and since then I have travelled to Rhodes University in South Africa for a media conference called 'Highway Africa' Mainly the issues centred on the internet and other new media.

After coming from South Africa I fell ill with malaria and I was down for a week.
Then we started preparing for our annual church conference at Word Alive Ministries International, called Church Ablaze. The conference started on Friday last week and ended last night, but not entirely for youths will have their meeting on Saturday. The meetings were very good although in my opinion they sometimes took quite long. This year we had Margaret Wanjiru of Kenya, Gerry Davis of the US, Mervin Westbrook, Stanley Ndovie and Madalitso Mbewe of Malawi.
On Sunday, we dedicated our music album 'More of You' to the Lord God Almighty. The album has 12 songs in English and Chichewa and includes some live recordings. I played guitar on most of the songs.

I feel so drained, tired and sleepy and I so much need to rest. I wish to start driving lessons and I asked my brother today to start teaching me. I feel it won't be long till I find myself a car.

On a sad note I mourn the passing of my step-grandfather, Black Chirombo at the age of 82. He looked after Mom after her father went into political exile in Zambia and remarried there. 'Amdala' as we called him was a gentle giant and kept law and order at the village. I brought him a warm coat from Sweden a few months ago and was so happy about it so much that he wanted to give a live chicken, but it wasn't to be as he died suddenly before his wish could be fulfilled. May you rest in peace.