Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Sista klassen...

Last class....we had our final Swedish language class yesterday with our tutor Lars Bergman, who faithfully delivered the basics of the language to our class since the semester commenced in September.

It has been mostly fun, though attendance wasn't good. Mostly there were two or three students attending the lessons. I missed only once class because I had to travel to Stockholm last week.

I believe I have learnt much more than I did while at Örebro, but I can't speak better. I can hear alot more, but the frustration is not being able to communicate. I wish I could speak better and hear what is being said on the TV or radio and the talk in the streets and buses. As a journalist, I like hearing discussions on hot issues in such places!!

To Lars Bergman, I say Thank You or 'Tack'.

Friday, October 19, 2007


My friend in Blantyre, Malawi, Michaella broke the news of the passing on of Lucky Dube, arguably South Africa's most popular reggae artist. Dube was killed last night by armed bandits in Johannesburg trying to steal his car.
I am shocked at the death of this artist I consider a legend and special. Growing up in a poor neighbourhood of Blantyre, I identified with his lyrics of social justice, suffering and hope for tomorrow. I attended Lucky Dube's show in Blantyre in 1990 ...the best I have ever seen, and the patronage was huge!
I sometimes saw the influence of Peter Tosh in Lucky Dube's music, and I'm struck that Dube has met a violent death just like Peter the hands of merciless killers.
Like a true genius Dube did not live long...he shook and made a mark on the world stage and went too soon, just like other music greats like Bob Marley, Malawi's Evison Matafale, Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain and Elvis Presley.
The music of Lucky Dube will live on and the world will remember him just like he sang 'Remember Me'.
Rest in peace, great son of Africa.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Another Door Opens....

Life is full of surprises. A year ago I never imagined I could be back in Sweden, as I toiled and endured verbal abuses from some superiors at Malawi Broadcasting Corporation. It was a depressing time. Then Rhodes University in South Africa offered a ray of hope, but as events have turned out, that opening hasnot materialised as hoped, and I find myself at Göteborg University studying Human Rights! What a twist!
Never under-rate the power of God to bring surprises. Compared to my Örebro other Swedish university, Göteborg is much bigger and well established.
But Örebro and its neary town is special to me. It is beautiful, warm and friendly. Göteborg is a big, busy and indifferent city! Still, I like learning new things and human rights is opening my eyes to stuff I never knew.

The Swedish teachers and people as usual are being nice, despite their reserved veneer. Despite the tough and rough times in the run-up to my return to Sweden, new doors are still opening, and I feel I have made a sharp turn for better days. God is faithful, and He is good all the time.

Thursday, October 04, 2007


My maternal grandmother, Mrs Edna Chirombo, nee Kupilingu is 80 today. What a woman and what a mother!!
She has kept the family together with her wisdom and liberal views on life and living. I remember the woman we fondly call, 'Amama' or by the cheeky nickname 'Mtswita', bathing us as mom was away at work. She would also cook meals, dispatch us to school and brew the popular local soft drink, 'Thobwa' which is made from millett, sugar flour.

I appreciate you granny, especially for sticking with your children, grand children and great-grandchildren through the sweet and tough times. She had nine children, now only three remain. Quite a misfortune, but Amama remains cheerful and philosophical about her loss. The matriarch likes to quip, 'I have fought a good fight..'
Happy Birthday to you Amama, alias Mtswita!!