Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Happy and blessed 2006. The year of fruitfulness and humility. I have started the year with flu and malaria, but in Christ I'm an overcomer and Im heading to divine good health.
At my work place, I have been shifted to yet another new section...quite stressing to head juniors who are more knowledgeable than yourself about the job at hand!! I had been in another new section for just four months. Praise God for His grace is sufficient. The job is routine and stressing at the same time...I have lost the joy of looking forward to going to work!
I long to go back to academic life, and of late I just want to teach and lecture and drill journalism students. No real doors are opening at the moment, but I think it will happen one day.

It is good to hear of babies being born or being expected by some friends in Orebro, Sweden. Maria our teacher is expecting one in June. Charlotta and Ian are due to have one too soon; Cam and Ruth already have a daughter..Leanna Willett. Wish I was there to touch and hold these infants!
Rainy, wet and humid in Malawi, and feeling abit lonely. Have I lost some shine or glow that attracts friends? I hope not and I don't believe so!! Playing music in church fills the gap and I look forward to every rehearsal, every Sunday Service. I plan to do more and serve more in music ministry.