Tuesday, February 13, 2007


"Its coming down, down, down..its coming down, the glory of the Lord is coming down" That's the song I have been singing much of late. I see the Lord's glory at the moment. After years of toiling and sweating the favour of the Lord is upon me. I praise God for His grace as I travelled last week...SA, Lusaka...my my my...!!!! I thank God for the success too. All at once its happening.

I returned to MBC yesterday after three months of holidaying. I thank God He has helped me achieve what I wanted to happen at the end of my leave. Things havent changed much in my department..same old complaints of laxity, unsupportive superiors etc etc etc. I spent the day wondering where I was to be deployed and only knew today Im heading to the newsroom, where I started my career, nine years ago. Thank you Jesus. They will soon know what they have pushed me into over the past year.